Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Last night as I'm sitting at the table waiting for Roanen to finish his supper Josey runs up to me with his lips pressed tightly together, stares pointedly at me for a second, then walks to the other side of the kitchen. He pulls down his craft box and begins his usual routine of cutting and taping paper. 10 minutes later he walks up to me, lips still pressed together, and begins a game of charades, pointing at his mouth then at the paper, which looks like this:

I start guessing - "Your mouth is taped shut. You're hungry. You want to eat the paper. You want to eat what's ON the paper..." He shakes his head at every guess, then points to his mouth again and opens it just enough that I can see what's in it: a mouthful of murky, chunky puke.
I tell him to go spit it out in the toilet. He comes back and tells me that he puked in his mouth 10 MINUTES AGO and, not knowing what to do (as if it's never happened before), he decided to make a sign to let me know about it.
He then proceeds to make a sign post for it, then tapes it to the wall. In case of a puke emergency he can point to it and I won't be confused...