Sunday, July 29, 2007

He's A Boob Man All Right

Josey and Roanen love playing with balloons. We recently bought a big bag of mixed balloon shapes, and Josey picked a heart-shaped one for us to blow up for him. The next morning he came up to me and said "Look Mommy, when you hold it like this it looks like a pair of boobies!" Note that we don't actually use the word "boobies" in this house, nor am I sure that he really knows what a "pair" is. Put it together pretty quickly though. I do have to say that because of the shape there were dark spots on the "boobies" that looked just like nipples, so once again he's just being very perceptive.

Now this morning we told Josey that Great-Grampa was going to be coming up for a visit. I asked him if he would like to make a card for him since his birthday is this week, and he excitedly asked for paper, markers, scissors and glue. He meticulously cut, pasted, and drew for a while before announcing that his card was done. Although he doesn't know how to write any letters yet (except for "J" for obvious reasons) he had written a lovely birthday card for dear old Great-Grampa. I first excitedly pointed out that the third letter was a "T". Then I saw the "S". "Wow Josey, you know how to make an "S" like a snake!". Then I saw the "I". I was very impressed that so far all his "letters" were actual letters. Then I saw the first letter. Then I put it all together:

After laughing hysterically for a while, I managed to convince him to make an alternate birthday card, then gave that one a place of honour on the refrigerator. It will be saved forever, to be brought out on such occasions as bringing his first girlfriend home, his wedding, and his graduation from plastic surgeon's school (specializing in breast augmentations, of course).
And, why yes, he was in fact breastfed.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Great Start!

Tonight was the night that things were going to go very smoothly when it came to putting the boys to bed. Josey didn't have a nap today, and was very tired because he did a lot of swimming and running around. Roanen napped well, but didn't sleep too late so he was tired too. Everything was going to go perfectly. They had their baths late. They were good during storytime. Josey got into his bed, Roanen got into his bed, and they both settled down instantly. For the first time ever they were both going to sleep without making even a tiny little fuss for me.

And then the biggest freaking spider I have seen in a long time crawled up the side of Roanen's headboard and across the top. And not one of those teeny-bodied spiders with big legs, this sucker was huge all over and hairy and awful.

I immediately turned on the light, dragged Roanen by the feet off the bed and into Josey's bed (which he whined at me for), then called out the window to Russ because there was no way in hell I was going to attempt to catch this thing by myself without traumatizing the boys by shrieking and flailing wildly trying to get its imaginary babies out of my hair. Surprisingly enough Russ didn't complain, but came right up and caught it (after he made one attempt and the thing FLEW off the headboard at me and started trying to get into the sheets - first it reared up and waved its front legs at him. No I am not exaggerating, this thing was creepy). Turns out it was a wolf spider and they bite so it was right of me to freak. Of course the boys were way riled up after that, but after a couple of minutes they settled again and started to doze off, while I freaked out every time I saw movement out of the corner of my eye or felt the bottom of my pants brush my leg.

And then Russ decided to take that opportunity to call up through the window that I should close it because he was going to be cleaning out the chicken feeders with the hose and making some noise. Thanks very much for making the boys decided that they'd rather have "Daaaaddy! Daaaaaaaaaddy!" put them to bed instead.

Long story short, they ended up asleep at 9:15, so just about the usual time, with way more stress than I wanted to endure. It will work better tomorrow, I know it.

Oh Yeah, That's What This Blog Is For...

I guess I haven't really been posting about what the boys are doing stage-wise, so here's one of those boring just-in-case-anyone-actually-cares blogs ;)

Josey is a big ball of nasty attitude (most of the time). He screams at me. He tells me he doesn't love me. He tells me that I don't love him. He says "You don't let me DO anything!". Of course he then makes up for it all when he climbs into bed with me in the morning and tells me he wants to snuggle, then actually snuggles me instead of kicking and pinching.

I've decided (as of yesterday) that we're going to eliminate his daily nap. As much as I hate to do it because it's so nice when the boys nap for a couple of hours at the same time, he's been fooling around and distracting Roanen at nap time and it's been taking at least half an hour to get Roanen to sleep. When Josey finally falls asleep, he only naps for an hour or so, then gets up. Come bedtime, he's not even remotely tired and distracts Roanen some more, then comes downstairs a billion times to complain that he's not tired and he's bored of his books and he wants to watch tv and he needs a drink of water and he's STILL not tired. The past two nights we've actually fallen asleep before him. Hopefully he'll have some quiet time in the afternoon, then be too exhausted to act up at bedtime. I'm not holding my breath though because he is Josey after all and can always find the energy to be bad.

He has really been repeating things he hears lately, but fortunately he's somehow filtering out the bad words Daddy says when the carton of eggs falls out the grocery box and smashes in the trunk. Yesterday he said "Roanen broke this book. He's a very foolish boy". This morning, after getting M&Ms from Grammie for being good at swimming, he said "Grammie was very nice for giving me chocolate. We'll keep her." This also comes hand in hand with trying to discipline Roanen himself when he feels it's necessary, and I usually have to console Roanen because Josey has just screamed at him for touching one of his toys.

The pee situation is improving (knock on wood) and most days he stays dry and pees without me nagging him. He has yet to go more than a week without an accident, but it's still way better than it was.

Now for Roanen:
Roanen will repeat just about any word you say to him. He's regularly putting 3 words together and is counting to himself, saying "three, four" and "eight, nine, ten". He won't do it if he's asked though.

He's definitely picking up the peeing in the toilet thing, but I'm being way too lazy about it so he usually only sits on the potty before and after his bath when Daddy puts him on. He has yet to pee before his bath, but he'll hold it in and say "potty" afterwards, peeing about half the time. He's pretty impressed with our reaction when he actually goes, particularly the giving of the jellybean (although he sometimes wants to see if it floats instead of eating it).

He's still really independent, especially outside, and only wants to sit with me if Josey gets him upset or he hurts himself. Sandals are optional and he usually has them off within about 5 minutes of going out. This doesn't stop him from walking around on the sharp rocks on the driveway and in the garage.

Sleeping is hit and miss, mostly miss. For some reason even if he goes down easily, he'll still usually wake up a couple times a night and have a hard time going back to sleep. Not sure if it's a coincidence or not, but the last two times he has slept right through were when we darkened the room by taking out the brighter nightlights. Last night was one of those nights, so we'll keep it dark and see how it goes. Again, I'm not holding my breath, but I'm comforted in the thought that Russ has agreed to take over night duty with the boys once the baby comes. Until the baby sleeps through of course, which is only going to take a few weeks because this child will be a GREAT sleeper. Ha!

As for the pregnancy, I'm now at 31 weeks and the countdown is on. I'm thinking I'll deliver sometime between weeks 36 and 38. I'll venture a guess that it's a girl weighing between 6 lbs 3 oz and 6 lbs 6 oz. Short labour, but not as short as last time - maybe 5 hours long. I really should start a pool - I think it would have some interesting results (Like Lara's - boy, 8 lbs something, delivered at 42 weeks, right? Stop raining on my parade ;) ) The baby is doing more stretching and less kicking, unlike the boys. This means that I can occasionally feel its foot waaay up in my ribs at the same time as it's poking out to the side and pushing its head down. I'm getting excited about losing the belly, but a little worried that I may get stretchmarks this time (an unfounded worry since I'm not any bigger than the last times). I'm definitely more confident about sleep and happiness issues since reading "The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems" about 30 times over and marking pages. Although I didn't think I'd be eager to get the baby out, it's happening again because I really do hate being pregnant. I do know that it's way easier in than out though :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

My 3-1/2 Year Old

Mr Joser-Boo,

One morning you woke up and instead of my big-bellied toddler you were a preschooler. You're a bundle of energy, complete with crazy hair and bad attitude.

You need constant attention, unless you're glued to the tv (which I always deny you, proving that I "don't love you") and you drive me up the wall with "why"s, "how"s, and "pleeeeeaase"s. You will be screaming at me and hitting one second, then the next you turn around and earnestly say "Mommy? I love you." with a hug and the sweetest face possible.

You are the most generous child I've ever encountered, always ready to share even your favourite snacks and treats with your brother, putting pieces gently and directly into his mouth. To my delight, you're becoming anal about putting your shoes and hat in the proper places when you take them off, and lining your cars up "just so".

You're a budding artist who makes the most detailed pictures with hilarious stories behind them.

(see * for picture explanation)

You're very excited about your new sibling coming, insisting out of nowhere that it will be named Bobby if it's a boy and Sarah if it's a girl. You will probably be dismayed to learn that we have other ideas about that.

You have no fear of things most people find creepy. You will pick up any bug, snake, or weird creature you find.

You rarely cry when you're actually hurt, even if you want to, but you scream far too often out of frustration and anger.

You've been sweet, silly, and loveable from day one, and nobody can resist you because of it.

Happy Half Birthday!

Love and kisses,
Mommy XOXO

*The drawing is of Mommy (on the right) with a baby in her belly button (drawn before he knew I was pregnant). The lines between her eyes are "tears streaming down her face" because apparently I don't have any hair. Josey is on the left, also with a baby in his belly button, this one armless.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My 18-Month Old

Dear Roanen

Today you are 18 months old. People keep saying it goes by so fast, but let me tell you I felt every excrutiating scream-filled moment of your first year as each passed in slow motion.

The last six months, however, are a blur. Since the day before your first birthday, when I found out you were going to be a big brother, time seems to be speeding up as I try to hold on to your babyness while you're still my littlest baby. You have different ideas about it all though, and you do more and more big boy things every day. You're already putting 3 words together, going down huge slides without any help, climbing things that four year olds have trouble with, and trying to do everything your brother does.

You can be so independent, amusing yourself for hours at a time, and then you turn into the neediest kid ever, clinging to Daddy's neck like you won't ever let go, or refusing to sleep anywhere but between us in our bed.

You need to eat very regularly and get your 2 hour minimum nap every single day or you turn back into a 3-month old, crying inconsolably for hours.

You are afraid of "noisy" cows, the lawn tractor, and new situations, and you are leery of hyper dogs. You love getting a ride from Daddy on the tractor, going down slides and eating handfuls of sand.

You're one of the two cutest boys I've ever seen and you've turned out remarkably happy despite your initial temperament...and you're all mine!

Happy half birthday Roanen!
Love Forever, Mommy XOXO

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sneaky! (And Untrue)

Josey, 3-1/2, to Daddy:
"Mommy said to turn on the TV for me because she wants to stay in bed all day."

Wordless Wednesday - Gotta Love Country Living

Monday, July 16, 2007

1 Down, 13 To Go

Josey had his first swimming lesson this morning at the beach. He was really excited to go, and pretty keen on getting into the water right away. The problem? Since it's been getting so cold at night, the water was absolutely freezing and after swimming out to the raft and back he WAS COLD. And he DIDN'T WANT TO GO BACK INTO THE WATER to blow bubbles. Besides, it was DIRTY water. Who said? HE DID. After stalling by taking a pee break (in the most disgusting bathroom I have seen in a while), he eventually did get back into the water without the dripping life jacket that was keeping him from warming up. Still refused to put his face in the water though, which made me crazy because he does it all the time everywhere else and can blow bubbles out of his mouth and nose like a pro. I was trying to encourage him to stay in while not ordering him to do so because unlike our skating lesson fiasco, I don't think there are refunds if he refuses to do it anymore. He was really quiet at the end, and mentioned a couple of times afterwards that "swimming lessons aren't very fun", which is usually the precursor to "No, I don't want to go back" and lots of heartbreaking tears. Good thing there are only 13 lessons left...
I'm taking bets on which one of us cries first tomorrow.

Try, and Try Again

Adventures in Babywearing (check out the button in my sidebar) is having another contest to win a $50 gift certificate from Kangaroodle. I just know that if I enter enough of Steph's contests I will eventually win something, just like I did this morning from Mama Speaks , the new review website that Steph writes for. I won an Il Cocco di Mama t-shirt. Yay! This baby's going to be fully clothed thanks to me winning these contests. And fully greased up from the sunscreen and lotions I'm winning ;)

Friday, July 13, 2007

You And Me Both, Kid

Josey has just come out of his room for the second time since bedtime. The first time he just said he couldn't sleep. This time he informed me that he was "fwuster-ated" that he couldn't sleep".

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Crazy 3D Ultrasound Pics

I had my (hopefully) last ultrasound today to check the placenta, which evidently looked like it had an extra lobe last time. Turns out it was normal, as was everything else and I got an amazing 3D picture to bring home. Good old Renfrew Victoria Hospital has come out of the stone ages and we now have the technology! My mom immediately thought it looked just like a newborn Josey so here they are to compare:

I think there are definitely some similarities. I've always wanted a little girl version of Josey...not that I found out the sex, despite the lecture I got from my dad this morning about "Not taking advantage of technology". Anyway, it can't go wrong looking like Josey regardless of the sex :) Well, it can't go wrong looking like any of our beautiful immediate family. Hee hee.

Throwback Thursday - Josey Then and Now

Ok, so this isn't throwing back really far, but since I don't have a scanner yet I have a limited amount of old pictures on my computer...
Here's smooshy newborn Josey:

And here he is recently:

Hard to believe he's this big. Or has grown that much hair. And gained as much attitude as he has, for that matter... ;)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - Presenting the Future Mr. Universe!

Gavin, Every Little Kid's Hero

Have we all seen the commercial for Pull-Ups that they play, oh, every 3 minutes on the Discovery Health channel, amongst others? In it, a little boy is playing with a chess set and he's wearing the new Cool Alert Pull-Ups that get cold if they get peed in. He gets a funny look on his face, then says "My Pull-Up felt cold!", then runs to the bathroom as his mother smiles on. When he comes out, he says "I'm a big kid now!" This commercial (and the whole concept in general) drives me insane. I mean, if the kid feels cold, then he has already peed in his pants, defeating the purpose. Why not put the kid in underwear so he can say "My underwear feels wet!" and actually feel what wet feels like and be uncomfortable so he actually wants to prevent that from happening? I mean, Josey would probably get so much of a kick out making his Pull-Up feel cold that we never would have gotten him trained. I wouldn't have blamed him either - it WOULD be pretty neat.
Normally I wouldn't care much about it, other than to be mildly annoyed, but Josey LOVES this commercial. He stops what he's doing, watches it in amazement, then states, in awe, "He's a big kid!". Then we have to explain to him, "Um, no, sweetie, he felt cold because he peed in his Pull-Up, which means that he didn't get to the bathroom in time. You're a big kid when you PEE IN THE TOILET WITHOUT GETTING YOUR PANTS WET!" Repeat every time the commercial comes on. No wonder we're having toilet issues with our 3 1/2 year old.
Thanks, Gavin.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Let Me Win One!

Adventures in Babywearing is running another contest, this time for a Podonbutai, which is a cool new kind of carrier from All Natural Mommies. Still stopping myself from buying a new carrier for the baby in hopes that one of these times I'll actually win one :)

Some Simple Math

Ear-splittingly loud tractor pulls + Small children who want to constantly take off running + Not enough nap time + Tent that is apparently not waterproof + Rain + Field of mud + Hysterical tantrums + Maple syrup-filled sandals = Not such a fun family weekend.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Throwback Thursday

Remember when there was no such thing as a chicken pox vaccine? This picture of me was taken on Christmas morning, 1982, when I had chicken pox, and an early-morning craving for chocolate. My mom thinks I look like a battered child ;)

Join the Throwback Thursday fun over at Pinks & Blues!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Oh, The Guilt

The kids have been shipped off to the cottage with Grammie and Grampa, where I am to join them later. I was coerced into taking some time to do really important stuff like blog, read blogs, enter contests, oh and maybe hang out laundry. Where does the guilt come from? It comes from the fact that the boys aren't driving me nuts today (in fact they're being little angels) and I feel like I should be spending time with them while I feel like being nice so they don't draw pictures of me with an "angry" face. The kids are also having a Grammie and Grampa day tomorrow when I will be *cough cough* too sick for Russ to go to work (we're sneaking off to Ottawa so Russ can secretly apply for some better jobs - I will be deposited at Starbucks and Chapters for hours upon joyful book-perusing, hot caramel apple cider-swigging hours). Yes, it's ridiculous that I have a knot of anxiety in my stomach from taking this time for myself, I am fully aware of this.

I was just over at the Pinks & Blues website where they're having another contest. This time it's for a pretty purse and coconut cream from The Body Shop. It'll be worth the guilt of staying home if I win ;)

We had our most favouritest friends up for the day yesterday, which is always fun. I almost got an adorable picture of Josey and his little girlfriend Ava standing on the rungs of the new cedar fence, looking out at the field of cows. By the time I got my camera they had climbed down, then when I made them get back up to fake the picture the battery died. Bummer. Not so bummer? Ava's mom Lynn is pregnant again with baby #3. She was my pregnancy partner with both Josey and Roanen (Ava is a month younger than Josey and Cara is 2 months older than Roanen), and now she's coincidentally accidentally pregnant, due officially in January, but since she has had 2 preemies, it's more likely that she'll pop in December. I think I may be more excited than they are :)

The panic has set in. Since I'm 28 weeks (tomorrow), it actually feels real now that I'm having another baby. Frantically reading all my Baby Whisperer books. Considering putting the crib up. Peeking into boxes of baby clothes. But, feeling a little more prepared, surprisingly enough. And guess what! Russ finally agreed to the name I picked for a girl! Yay! Now we're working on middle names, which he is once again being extremely picky about, but I can live with that since I got my way. Now it had better be a girl so I can actually use the name I worked so hard to get.