Thursday, July 19, 2007

My 3-1/2 Year Old

Mr Joser-Boo,

One morning you woke up and instead of my big-bellied toddler you were a preschooler. You're a bundle of energy, complete with crazy hair and bad attitude.

You need constant attention, unless you're glued to the tv (which I always deny you, proving that I "don't love you") and you drive me up the wall with "why"s, "how"s, and "pleeeeeaase"s. You will be screaming at me and hitting one second, then the next you turn around and earnestly say "Mommy? I love you." with a hug and the sweetest face possible.

You are the most generous child I've ever encountered, always ready to share even your favourite snacks and treats with your brother, putting pieces gently and directly into his mouth. To my delight, you're becoming anal about putting your shoes and hat in the proper places when you take them off, and lining your cars up "just so".

You're a budding artist who makes the most detailed pictures with hilarious stories behind them.

(see * for picture explanation)

You're very excited about your new sibling coming, insisting out of nowhere that it will be named Bobby if it's a boy and Sarah if it's a girl. You will probably be dismayed to learn that we have other ideas about that.

You have no fear of things most people find creepy. You will pick up any bug, snake, or weird creature you find.

You rarely cry when you're actually hurt, even if you want to, but you scream far too often out of frustration and anger.

You've been sweet, silly, and loveable from day one, and nobody can resist you because of it.

Happy Half Birthday!

Love and kisses,
Mommy XOXO

*The drawing is of Mommy (on the right) with a baby in her belly button (drawn before he knew I was pregnant). The lines between her eyes are "tears streaming down her face" because apparently I don't have any hair. Josey is on the left, also with a baby in his belly button, this one armless.

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