Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gavin, Every Little Kid's Hero

Have we all seen the commercial for Pull-Ups that they play, oh, every 3 minutes on the Discovery Health channel, amongst others? In it, a little boy is playing with a chess set and he's wearing the new Cool Alert Pull-Ups that get cold if they get peed in. He gets a funny look on his face, then says "My Pull-Up felt cold!", then runs to the bathroom as his mother smiles on. When he comes out, he says "I'm a big kid now!" This commercial (and the whole concept in general) drives me insane. I mean, if the kid feels cold, then he has already peed in his pants, defeating the purpose. Why not put the kid in underwear so he can say "My underwear feels wet!" and actually feel what wet feels like and be uncomfortable so he actually wants to prevent that from happening? I mean, Josey would probably get so much of a kick out making his Pull-Up feel cold that we never would have gotten him trained. I wouldn't have blamed him either - it WOULD be pretty neat.
Normally I wouldn't care much about it, other than to be mildly annoyed, but Josey LOVES this commercial. He stops what he's doing, watches it in amazement, then states, in awe, "He's a big kid!". Then we have to explain to him, "Um, no, sweetie, he felt cold because he peed in his Pull-Up, which means that he didn't get to the bathroom in time. You're a big kid when you PEE IN THE TOILET WITHOUT GETTING YOUR PANTS WET!" Repeat every time the commercial comes on. No wonder we're having toilet issues with our 3 1/2 year old.
Thanks, Gavin.

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