Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Great Start!

Tonight was the night that things were going to go very smoothly when it came to putting the boys to bed. Josey didn't have a nap today, and was very tired because he did a lot of swimming and running around. Roanen napped well, but didn't sleep too late so he was tired too. Everything was going to go perfectly. They had their baths late. They were good during storytime. Josey got into his bed, Roanen got into his bed, and they both settled down instantly. For the first time ever they were both going to sleep without making even a tiny little fuss for me.

And then the biggest freaking spider I have seen in a long time crawled up the side of Roanen's headboard and across the top. And not one of those teeny-bodied spiders with big legs, this sucker was huge all over and hairy and awful.

I immediately turned on the light, dragged Roanen by the feet off the bed and into Josey's bed (which he whined at me for), then called out the window to Russ because there was no way in hell I was going to attempt to catch this thing by myself without traumatizing the boys by shrieking and flailing wildly trying to get its imaginary babies out of my hair. Surprisingly enough Russ didn't complain, but came right up and caught it (after he made one attempt and the thing FLEW off the headboard at me and started trying to get into the sheets - first it reared up and waved its front legs at him. No I am not exaggerating, this thing was creepy). Turns out it was a wolf spider and they bite so it was right of me to freak. Of course the boys were way riled up after that, but after a couple of minutes they settled again and started to doze off, while I freaked out every time I saw movement out of the corner of my eye or felt the bottom of my pants brush my leg.

And then Russ decided to take that opportunity to call up through the window that I should close it because he was going to be cleaning out the chicken feeders with the hose and making some noise. Thanks very much for making the boys decided that they'd rather have "Daaaaddy! Daaaaaaaaaddy!" put them to bed instead.

Long story short, they ended up asleep at 9:15, so just about the usual time, with way more stress than I wanted to endure. It will work better tomorrow, I know it.

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Lida said...

What was that thing about babies having birthmarks in the shape of whatever had scared their mom? Just kidding ;)