Monday, July 16, 2007

Try, and Try Again

Adventures in Babywearing (check out the button in my sidebar) is having another contest to win a $50 gift certificate from Kangaroodle. I just know that if I enter enough of Steph's contests I will eventually win something, just like I did this morning from Mama Speaks , the new review website that Steph writes for. I won an Il Cocco di Mama t-shirt. Yay! This baby's going to be fully clothed thanks to me winning these contests. And fully greased up from the sunscreen and lotions I'm winning ;)


Lara said...

Oooh! The Il Cocco di Mama shirts are nice! I won one from CMP a few months back and keep being sad when I try it on Kiernan and its still too big. Enjoy it :)

Vicky said...

BAH you guys! I keep entering all these contests too and I win NOTHING.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Thanks so much for entering!