Sunday, July 29, 2007

He's A Boob Man All Right

Josey and Roanen love playing with balloons. We recently bought a big bag of mixed balloon shapes, and Josey picked a heart-shaped one for us to blow up for him. The next morning he came up to me and said "Look Mommy, when you hold it like this it looks like a pair of boobies!" Note that we don't actually use the word "boobies" in this house, nor am I sure that he really knows what a "pair" is. Put it together pretty quickly though. I do have to say that because of the shape there were dark spots on the "boobies" that looked just like nipples, so once again he's just being very perceptive.

Now this morning we told Josey that Great-Grampa was going to be coming up for a visit. I asked him if he would like to make a card for him since his birthday is this week, and he excitedly asked for paper, markers, scissors and glue. He meticulously cut, pasted, and drew for a while before announcing that his card was done. Although he doesn't know how to write any letters yet (except for "J" for obvious reasons) he had written a lovely birthday card for dear old Great-Grampa. I first excitedly pointed out that the third letter was a "T". Then I saw the "S". "Wow Josey, you know how to make an "S" like a snake!". Then I saw the "I". I was very impressed that so far all his "letters" were actual letters. Then I saw the first letter. Then I put it all together:

After laughing hysterically for a while, I managed to convince him to make an alternate birthday card, then gave that one a place of honour on the refrigerator. It will be saved forever, to be brought out on such occasions as bringing his first girlfriend home, his wedding, and his graduation from plastic surgeon's school (specializing in breast augmentations, of course).
And, why yes, he was in fact breastfed.

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