Thursday, May 17, 2007

Genius Roanen's Vocabulary

Ok, here's the list of Roanen's words. Keep in mind that these aren't just words that he can repeat, but words he actually uses when he sees or "needs" these things:

phone outside ouch fly bug hot cookie cracker mushroom hat head happy ear eye tongue bye tractor dirty bubbles potty bum horse pasta dance peek why book please no up cat dog duck frog dishwasher (that one was a shocker) corn nuts pie beans apple oranges bread cheese banana night yes water seat wet belly button fish snow snack grampa daddy mommy Annabelle baby stuck kitty more all done bad flower bird eggs cake donuts (not that he's ever had one) bed yay socks shoes plum down ready (he loves using that one when he's playing hide and seek) penis stinky gone hand fan light off all done

He actually says most of these words pretty clearly too - not just so we can understand. I know there are a lot more too that I'm just forgetting right now, so if I'm feeling keen I'll add them in on other posts.

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