Monday, October 15, 2007

If He Can't Have Drugs, Can I?

This morning before Tristan's scheduled 1 month checkup I was skimming through my Baby Whisperer book, hoping to figure something out to solve his sleep issues. I happened to find a part that spoke about babies who "never sleep" that referred to another section about reflux. Turns out that Tristan has a pile of reflux symptoms including not wanting to lie flat, frequent hiccups, inability to burp well, unexplained crying, restless sleeping, prolonged feedings and back arching. Oh, and the fact that almost everyone on my side of the family had or has it. I was so happy that I had him (possibly) figured out and I was really hoping that the doctor would just prescribe some kind of medication that could make him feel better so that I could put him down while he sleeps. Unfortunately all he's willing to do right now is have me elevate the crib mattress and keep him upright most of the time, which is the most unsatisfying answer. To add to my misery, Josey wouldn't shut up the entire time we were in the office and yelled "I WANT A TREAT I WANT A TREAT I WANT A TREAT I WANT A TREAT" repeatedly while the doctor was trying to explain everything to me. Fat chance, kid. Roanen grabbed a big pan filled with water and disinfecting solution and pulled it down all over himself, Josey's back, and my leg, which freaked him right out and he screamed for a good 15 minutes while I cursed silently about not having brought any extra clothes other than 1 pair of pants and underwear. And finally, both boys attached themselves to my leg on the way in the office. This is Josey's new game - he holds on to my ankle and makes me drag him across the floor while Roanen just holds on due to shyness. And naturally Tristan was nursing at the time so I just stumbled in, mortified at their behaviour. Josey also grabbed on on the way out and parked himself in the doorway of the office while Roanen screamed hysterically at him for blocking the doorway and not letting him close the door. The doctor told me he wasn't jealous of my situation. And laughed. And I cried aaaaaaaaall the way home. And them some more.

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Lara said...

have you tried cutting out dairy entirely to see if it helps? I know I'm a broken record, but they ARE cousins ;)
Also, we had K's crib elevated until he was about 8 months old, it seemed to help so hopefully it will for tristan too!