Thursday, February 07, 2008

Welcome To The Best Day EVER!

While going through my must-read blogs today I found a link to the coolest site, where you input your birthdate and get a personal biorhythm reading. This is a measure of something to do with your intellectual, physical and emotional somethings that is much better explained here. Anyway, today and for the next day or so I am at negative 100% on all of the above. So basically I'm a lazy dumbass who doesn't give a rat's ass about anything. I'm so excited that I have an excuse for it now.
I checked Josey's biorythm too and yesterday he was at -100% for intellectual and emotional and +100% for physical, which explains why he was acting like an inconsiderate caveman on crack. As in "TRISTAN AND I ARE HAVING A PILLOW FIGHT!!" *thwack*

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Anonymous said...

That really is the coolest site. I wish I could have an excuse to be lazy!