Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our Budding Photographer

This past Christmas Josey received his own digital camera. He had been taking some fabulous pictures with my camera, so we had high expectations of him. We weren't disappointed.

This one is my favourite. It definitely looks like it could be in a gallery or on a CD cover. Who needs eyes in a picture when the goatee expresses so much emotion on its own:

Have I mentioned that I look very much like my father? This is me in 25 or so years. I fear for my future (note: limited edition picture - my mom is going to make me remove this):

"Separated at Birth?"

"Self-Portrait - Sadness" Ok, so he didn't take this, but it still counts:

This kid is so quick and adept, he can even catch those rare moments when his brother is missing a nose. Watch out, Loch Ness Monster:

Missing from this show, "Fat Cat In Motion", a series of 50 pictures documenting Annabelle's every move while walking across the kitchen. Also, "500 Photos of Mom Making The Same Stupid Face", which was lost in an unfortunate deleting accident. See photo #2 above. They pretty much look like that, but with glasses and messy hair. Groan.


Lida said...

Mom won't make you remove this, but Dad might. ;)
You know better than to post any pictures of me right? That is if you ever want to have me mind the darlings again. Ha!

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Karly said...

Unfortunate deleting accident? I've had a few of those myself after my kids have chased me with the camera.

That separated at birth picture is hilarious!