Friday, December 15, 2006

Failed Sleep Training

On Saturday night I decided I would put my plan of just putting Roanen into his crib, and lying him down every time he stood up until he eventually fell asleep. It went way worse than I expected, with him becoming violently upset and I ended up just nursing him to sleep once again, with my nerves completely shot. Other than the fact that he's got a nasty temper, it seemed to be a problem that he sleeps on his tummy. Whenever I'd try to lay him down, he'd just bend his knees and go instantly into a crawling position instead of lying straight. I tried to put him on his back a couple of times, but he kept kicking his legs through the bars of the crib and twisting and I was afraid that he'd break a leg. I think the next step is to just try to give him a bottle at bedtime (maybe get Russ to do it), then give him a bottle when he wakes up in the night. He's getting up about every 1.5 hrs now, and usually comes into bed with us sometime after 1:00, where he either fools around and talks, or wants to nurse constantly, which kills my back. Anyway, it's not fun and I'm hoping he'll grow out of this like Josey did. I'm not counting on it though since he's way more attached to me than Josey was, but I can dream...

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