Friday, December 15, 2006

Sign to your Babies!

Roanen has really caught on to the idea of signing lately, which is helping his frustration issues. When he starts screaming in his highchair, I just ask him what he wants and he remembers that he can communicate a little bit now. He knows "all done", "more", and sometimes "hungry". He may also be telling me "sleepy", but I'm not sure. He bangs on his ear around naptime and bedtime, but I didn't put the two together until recently, since I really hadn't shown him the sign much. Maybe he's just a genius child. Probably :) He's also saying a couple of words now. He says "Da" for dance, and does a little baby dance, and when we put the Christmas tree up he was saying "Yai - tee!" for "Lights - tree". Now he'll say "Yai" for any kind of light too. And he sort of says "Kitty" and "Fishy". Won't say mommy or daddy, so we know what his priorities are.

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