Sunday, January 14, 2007

Future NHL Star

I signed Josey up for skating lessons with CanSkate at the arena in Eganville, despite being warned that he might be a little young. The first class was a little hard to watch, considering he couldn't even stand up for more than a couple of seconds without falling. There also weren't enough helpers for the younger kids and the woman helping him wasn't paying much attention, and at one point left him alone sitting on the ice for a few minutes. It was kind of heartbreaking and I can't even watch the video of that first lesson because it bothers me to see him so helpless. Fortunately, by his second lesson, he miraculously stopped trying to cross his feet all the time (probably due to the fact that he was wearing snowpants and couldn't cross his feet...) and was staying up for much longer periods and actually skating small distances on his own. This weekend he was out on the lake at the cottage which is pretty much one big skating rink thanks to the rain, and he did really well. He was using his hockey stick and shooting the puck into the net. He also didn't fall very much. The only issue he has is that he can't stand up on his own after he falls because it requires a lot more balance and skill than he has, but that will come with time I suppose. He'll be going twice a week until the end of March so I imagine he'll be a pro by then :)

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