Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Space Invasion

Josey is having issues lately with invading others' personal space, mostly Roanen's. For some reason he feels the need to stick his hand in Roanen's face or mouth, and sometimes if he's sitting up higher he'll stick his foot in his mouth. Naturally Roanen freaks out so he's been getting timeouts every time he does it. Also at Toybus Josey wants to run into people all the time either with a ride-on toy or with his body or arms when he's running around going crazy. There are a couple of boys who think this is funny and will play along and wrestle with him, but most of the kids (particularly the girls) get really upset. He also gets really excited during song time and either makes extra large gestures to songs so he can intentionally hit someone with his hands, or will jump up and run around the mat screaming at the top of his lungs, which usually causes one or all of the kids to follow. If I pull him aside he has a fit and screams bloody murder while trying to get away and won't listen to what I'm saying. It's not an attention issue, because he doesn't care if anyone is watching, and it's not an attention span issue, because as soon as snacks and storytime comes along he sits down and doesn't move or say a word for the whole time. I may end up taking him home as soon as he acts up next time, but I don't know how that's going to work considering I have to try to get two kids into snowsuits and out the door. Hopefully he'll learn to calm down, because I feel like everyone thinks I'm an awful mother for raising such a hyper and aggressive kid.

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