Saturday, March 03, 2007

Screamy (But Sleepy) Baby

Roanen was still freaking out every time his Tempra ran out yesterday so we dosed him just before bed. I heard him wake up and fuss a little a couple of times, but he slept from about 9:15 right through until about 5:30. Of course he freaked when he woke up, and didn't end up going back to sleep, but it was a good night overall and I had gotten enough sleep to let Russ sleep in without being cranky myself. Roanen is still out of sorts today, and I'm partly worried that it's being caused by his MMR shot a couple of weeks ago, which the doctor said could affect him up to two weeks later. Or the really panicky part of me is worried that the tales of the MMR vaccine causing autism are true. There are times during the day that I feel like Roanen is 3 months old again and screaming hysterically whether he's being held or not. Not fun.

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