Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sweet Sleep

Last night Sir-Used-To-Scream-A-Lot (we had to change the name) slept from 8:45 to 5:45 this morning without a peep. That's 9 hours! Amazing! I still can't believe how easy and stress-free this has all been. To celebrate and take advantage of it, this weekend we're leaving the kids with Grammie and Grampa and heading off on a little secret (not a secret for me) location for some child-free r&r. Much needed. It'll be good to get away because Josey has decided that this week he's going to be hugely disobedient and just generally bad (for example, typing that sentence was just interrupted by him yanking the cord on the extremely heavy space heater so hard that it fell over, narrowly missing the baby). He's also waiting too long before heading to the bathroom so he ends up peeing himself a little every time he has to go. Monday afternoon he fell asleep in our bed for his nap and peed through the top sheet, fitted sheet, mattress pad, and an inch of memory foam. And I only noticed at 10:00 at night when I climbed into bed and smelled something funny. Always an adventure. He's being really good with his brother though, and sharing really well and playing a lot, which is really nice to see. (As an aside, the r key on my computer randomly stops working and I end up having to copy and paste rs from somewhere on the screen - I can't find a capital r which is why I'm not writing roanen's name)
roanen (there, I did it and it looks dumb) seems to have stopped what we thought was teething. He was needed to be constantly dosed on Tylenol for a few days but his crying has all but stopped. Maybe it was just a delayed reaction from his shot. At least he doesn't seem to be autistic yet...

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