Monday, March 26, 2007

Kiddo Update (just for you mom)

I've gotten a complaint that I'm not blogging enough (despite the fact the the complainer hears everything firsthand and doesn't actually read anything new in the blog) so here's an update.
Josey is still having some issues staying dry. He doesn't often totally wet his pants (and when he does he takes off his pants and underwear and hides them from us), unless he does it while he's having his nap, but I think he starts to pee then realizes that he has to go and finishes up in the toilet. This leads to a pretty constant dampness that I don't usually notice unless I take a good feel. He's also waking up in soaked pyjamas in the mornings because once he gets his pullup on after his bath he feels like he doesn't have to go in the toilet anymore and the pullup ends up overfull by the morning. We're gently trying to convince him to use the toilet in the middle of the night, even if it means waking us up, but so far he's not buying it. I don't know that he really cares enough to make an effort.
We started listening to the Learn Italian CDs again this morning because of my renewed interest in the trip to Italy, and Josey is really listening to it and repeating words.
Roanen has been sleeping really well lately, but last night he woke up at 12:30, then screamed off and on in his bed and ours until after 4:30. Needless to say I'm exhausted and not feeling well today.
Roanen is getting into EVERYTHING lately, and I've caught him on top of the chest freezer several times (once in a laundry basket that was hanging off the edge), and now he can climb up onto the kitchen chairs, then up onto the island where he plays with the pots and pans hanging down. He also climbs up the couch onto the windowsill in the livingroom and tries to do chin-ups holding on to the top of the bottom window. The two couches are positioned on either side of the window, so if he falls there's a perfect space for him to fall right to the floor. Really looking forward to that.
On the not-frustrating side of things, Roanen is developing quite the vocabulary that includes frog (fwa), duck - quack quack (du - ka ka), banana (nana or danana), dirty (duhty), water (wa-a), doggie (doddy), kitty (teetee), baby (baba), Mama, Dada, and several others that I don't remember right now. He also loves music and will dance to anything, getting his shoulders and bum into the act as well. So far he won't do it for the camera so we don't have any proof though.
Both boys have a strong interest in the flies and ladybugs that are everywhere in the house, and I often catch one or both of them with a handful of dead or live flies. The ladybugs let off a stink when they're harassed so there's pretty much a constant ladybug smell surrounding them.
That's the update. Don't expect anything for at least a week now :)


Lida said...

thanks ;)

Lara said...

hey, I read and am disappointed when there are no updates too!
And yay Italy trip - I'm coming!
And.. beware the ladybugs!
And.... Roanen be careful.