Monday, August 20, 2007

The Most Boring 100th Post Ever

I've been putting off writing my 100th post because I really feel like it should be something extraordinarily special. Perhaps an extremely amusing story? Or, even more fitting, my 100 Things About Me post (which I wasn't actually tagged to do, but sometimes I need to talk about me too). Unfortunately I have no really funny stories, and zero time to think about 100 things, let alone type them all out. So it's a regular old this-is-what-has-been-happening-lately post that will bore my readers. All 4 of you.

2 Tuesdays ago (yes I'm way behind) I had a prenatal appointment. They're getting closer together so it had only been 3 weeks since my previous appointment. At the same time, Roanen was due for his 18 month shots so we all went in together, with Josey panicking the whole time because he has needle issues, whether it's him getting them or not.
Roanen immediately freaked out because I LEFT HIM IN THE EXAM ROOM (about 3 feet away) while I was getting weighed. He ran out and stuck himself onto my leg, interfering with the weighing process, so I ended up having to weigh both of us at the same time, then I put him on a chair in the exam room, surrounded by an obstacle course of toys and chairs then ran back to the scale. All that to find out that A) despite forcing myself to eat all meals, some snacks, and fill up on meal replacement drinks I had only gained half a pound in three weeks and even better B) Roanen has actually lost a pound in the last 3 months. This is the kid that eats more than I do some days. I wasn't as concerned about my weight, since the doctor didn't seem to have a problem with it and I lost a pound around this stage in my pregnancy with Josey as well. As for Roanen, I was a bit worried because he does eat a lot and a pound is a lot when you only weigh 24 pounds to start. Granted, he is really active and he is growing height-wise (evidently 4 inches since Christmas), but it kicked the Italian mother genes in me into high gear and I've been watching everything that he eats to make sure he's getting enough calories. Of course Russ, who was always super-proud of how big Roanen was since he gave up on Josey (who is apparently going to be a midget despite only being in the 40th percentile for everything) was really bummed out. There is no hope for our tiny children. Note that we are average-sized people from families of about 25% average-sized people and 75% short people (including an aunt on Russ' side who is actually short enough to be classified as a little person). But no, our children should have been the giants and they're not so we'll just have to hope this next baby isn't also a dwarf.

Story requested by Grammie:
I have been asking Josey if he's interested in seeing me give birth to this baby, provided the labour isn't too long and not in the middle of the night. He has seen births on TV and gets really excited about seeing the baby come out, so he has said that he would probably like it. The last time I asked, he got very pensive and asked me where the baby was going to come out. Being one to give honest answers to my child (at least some of the time and in certain situations), I told him that babies come out of mommies vaginas. He nodded understandingly, but then asked "But how are they going to put that vagina back together?" Without getting into details about TEARING and BLEEDING and NEEDLES and STITCHES and SCAR TISSUE, I took out my hair elastic and showed him how it's a certain size, but stretches WAY bigger to fit over this coffee mug then goes back to its original size (ha). Don't know if it really sunk in, but he did want to play with my hair elastic after that. And he now thinks our new baby is going to be a coffee mug.

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