Thursday, August 30, 2007

This Post is Brought To You By The Numbers 1 and 2

I'm very proud of myself for posting within a week of my last post. Where did I find the time, you ask? After spending the entire day with the kids (and cleaning the house since we have a playdate tomorrow with someone who has never seen the house), making them dinner, getting annoyed at them for not eating dinner, giving them their baths, getting them dressed, doing all the dishes, making snacks, brushing teeth, reading stories, and spending well over an hour dealing with Roanen, who got ridiculously hysterical after I didn't hold his hand properly, I plunked myself down in front of the computer just to share all my uninteresting news with you. And where's Russ? He didn't even come home tonight, but went straight to the Shawville fair tractor pull where he's doing all his favourite tractor-y things. He'll be home sometime after midnight. Must be nice. So enough bitching, here's the dirt.

The kids stayed in Ottawa after we visited friends on Sunday and didn't come home until Tuesday night (and they were asleep when they got here so it didn't start counting until Wednesday morning. Being a nasty pregnant bad mommy I didn't miss them much, particularly when Josey spent a five minute phone conversation with me on Monday morning repeating "I don't love you!" over and over again. I got lots of sleep on the first day, sleeping in until 10 and having a nap in the afternoon. I got not much tidying or cleaning done and I don't care. The second day I couldn't even keep myself in bed until 6:30 and spent another looong day doing nothing.
Tuesday afternoon I had my 36 (37? 37.5?) week appointment where I was told that the baby is really low (but not engaged yet) and it doesn't look like I'll "hold onto it much longer". Oh darn. My appointment was at 4, and since I figured that by that point in the day the doctor would be way behind schedule, I warned Russ that I might not be home when he got there at 5:40. I set out all the ingredients to make dinner on the counter, hoping that I'd be right and maybe, just maybe, Russ would come in, see that I wasn't there and make dinner. Ha! As luck would have it, I got out of the office at 5:15, with just enough time to drive home and start dinner. So what did I do? I sat in the car in the parking lot and knit until 5:40, evil woman that I am. When I got home Russ was in the kitchen making dinner. Hadn't checked on the chickens, hadn't had a shower, just saw that I wasn't there and started chopping away, even following a recipe which is apparently one of his most hated things to do. Sweet man. Now don't tell him how I tricked him into doing it. That night he even made me a homemade iced cappuccino, which whacked me out on caffeine at 10:30 that night and kept me from sleeping.
Anyway, now I'm using the "baby could come anytime" line and today I started taking my evening primrose oil capsules which are supposed to soften your cervix. Not that my cervix needs any help in that department since judging from my last labour it dilates and effaces a lot without me even being aware of it. The nursery is totally set up and I even have my hospital bag packed. So send some labour vibes my way.

*Knock On Wood Again*
Roanen has slept through the last 4 out of 6 nights, and the 2 nights he woke up he went back to sleep really easily. I thought that maybe he'd forgetten that he likes screaming, but he did enough of it today and tonight that I changed my mind.

Josey's behaviour has been pretty good since he got back from Grammie and Grampa's. I started teaching him how to write numbers yesterday and he really surprised me with how fast he picked it up. Granted we only practiced 1 and 2, but he did a really good job. He can now count objects and write the number beside them. Genius. Today we tried out the number 3 and he couldn't write it properly, frustrating both of us and causing a boycott of number writing for the rest of the day. We'll try again tomorrow.

Next post to come after the baby is born. Yeah, right.

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