Monday, August 13, 2007

Sweet, Sweet Boy Part 2

Josey is going to be a fabulous big brother to the new baby. He's very excited about it coming, but is getting tired of waiting SO LONG for it. So as a temporary substitution, he has pulled out his baby: a soft-bodied, plastic-headed unattractive doll that makes weird noises when you squeeze its belly or hand that Grammie got for him when Roanen was born. The other day between bath and snack he was taking care of his baby. He put on the baby's shirt. He decided that the baby's pants needed to be washed, so he put them in the laundry. He carried the baby around. He nursed the baby. He read the baby some stories. He shared his snack with the baby. He tucked the baby into bed. He was very gentle and sweet. The next morning I was in the kitchen when I heard him walk down a few stairs, then his little voice said "I drop it?" and I turned to see this:

Yes, Sweetie, sometimes I want to do that to you guys too.

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