Saturday, November 11, 2006

Our Budding Realtor

Since we've had a market analysis done on our house, as well as shown it to a few people, Josey has picked up all the skills needed to show a house. This afternoon he insisted on carrying a stool around, dropping it in the middle of every room, climbing up, then pointing to the ceiling and saying "This ceiling new".
We've also broached the subject of moving to him a few times, and surprisingly enough he's not very happy about it. He gets grouchy and says "I want stay here in our house", or "I not want to get new house". I really wasn't expecting this, since he's usually so adaptable and easy, so I hope it doesn't last because God knows I don't want this process to be any harder than it has to be. Not even the promise of a sandbox and weekly visits to Toybus seem to make a difference, although he did ask Russ for a pony at the new house today. He might settle for a goat though, because Daddy said absolutely not. We've got time to get him used to the idea, so hopefully there won't be any problems by moving day.

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