Tuesday, November 21, 2006


After about 5 or 6 months of signing "all done" to Roanen when he's done eating or finished his bath, he is catching on a little bit. Yesterday he looked intently at me when I did it, then raised his hands and opened and closed them like a wave. Once he really starts doing it I'll probably add in more signs like hungry, more, and again. Just the basics, like we did with Josey and maybe it will take some frustration out of Roanen's apparently awful world.
I may be on to something with Roanen sleeping too. When he naps later in the afternoon he goes to bed about an hour or so later at night (around 8 PM) and he ends up only getting up about 3 times a night and seems to sleep more deeply and go down easier too. Might be just a coincidence, but we'll see. I do like when he goes down at 7 PM though, because it gives me so much free time in the evening since I'm generally exhausted by 9 every night...
Josey has now asked for puppies at our new house. I just toilet trained a 2 year old, I don't need pee and poop all over my house again.

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Lara said...

How about a ferret for Josey? ;)

Maybe we should be reading the book we have on baby sign language a bit earlier than we thought.