Monday, April 16, 2007

Amusing Child

Although Josey has been more badly behaved the last couple of weeks than any other time in his life, he's still being as entertaining as ever. Last week he was drawing a picture of himself with me, and drew his usual circle for a face with eyes (pupils included), nose, mouth, eyelashes, and spiky hair. He then drew lines down the middle of the face and informed me that they were "tears streaming down my face". Where does he get words like "streaming" and use them properly? He then drew two long legs with feet coming straight down from the head, then a BIG belly button with a little baby in it. This is "Baby Bobby" whom he has been talking about forever for some reason. When we have another baby it won't matter what we name it because I'm sure Josey will insist on calling it Bobby. This happened to a friend of mine who named her son Wesley, but now everyone in the family calls him "George" because that's what his sister insisted on calling him. Anyway, Josey also had a baby in his belly button, as well as tears streaming down his face. A later picture of Daddy had a baby too. He seems to be very into babies, and will suck a jellybean until it's really small then say (in a really high baby voice) "Ooooh. Wookit de wittle baby just wike Tiewnen" (everything little is little like Kiernan).
On the jellybean front, the other day I gave him a couple of jellybeans for staying dry, then went upstairs for something. When I came down, Josey's pants were off, which usually indicates that he has peed himself and is trying to hide it. His pants were dry though, and he was insisting that there was something in them and that he wanted to wear other pants. When I got back with a change of pants, he said the first pair was fine. A little strange, but I didn't really think much of it. At lunch time he had another jellybean and at one point he pulled his pants down and started examining his penis. When I asked him what he was doing he said "Looking for my jellybean". I told him that I didn't think he'd find it there, to which he responded "Well, that's where I found the last one". Lovely! Apparently he was sucking on the jellybeans until they were small and really sticky, then sticking them down his pants. Fortunately I haven't seen him do it since, so maybe it was just a brief obsession.
He has been doing pretty well staying dry the past few days, as long as I check him often and remind him to go. I ordered a potty training book online, partly to figure out what to do with Josey, and partly to get Roanen started. It basically gets you to do months of prep work, then train them within a week once they hit 2 years old. Normally I wouldn't get anything online, but it had a phone number that I called with an actual person who knows the author, and it's also guaranteed. I read the book and it makes a lot of sense. I'm a little disappointed that I probably won't have Roanen trained by the time he's 18 months, but I'll try the techniques anyway and see what happens. We got the potty chair this weekend because he hates the toilet, and he was quite amused with sitting on it. He has been pointing to his tummy once and a while when he pees, and also whenever we talk about peeing or pooping. This morning he came into the bathroom and pointed at the potty, then at his tummy, so I think he's quickly catching on to what he's supposed to do, although he'll only sit on it with his pants on. It's promising anyway.
Roanen is repeating a lot of words now, and can say quite a few really clearly. He has mastered "up", "baby", "kitty", "book", "daddy", and "out" amongst others that I can't remember right now. He's definitely more advanced in his speaking than Josey was at this age, but I think that comes along with being a second child. Maybe he'll be quicker at potty training too ;)

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