Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The End Of My Peeing Child Rope

After receiving dirty looks and head shakes (but, *shockingly*, no helpful advice or alternative solutions) at making Josey sit in his pee with a plastic bag on, I decided to try a gentler, more positive approach. When he stayed completely dry for a certain length of time he got a Jelly Belly, and if he peed in the toilet after staying dry he got 2. This actually worked fairly well from the time I started it on Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, when apparently a jellybean just wasn't worth the hassle of going to the bathroom anymore. The only thing I've gained from this (other than a big bag of yummy jellybeans which I will now devour myself) is the knowledge that he can, in fact, hold his pee properly when he chooses to. Now I have no idea what to do, since any advice in books is all for kids that are being toilet trained for the first time, and not for kids who were previously fully trained and are now indifferent to it.
On a similar note, I want to start training Roanen now because it was such a hassle after Josey turned 2. I have a plan, but unfortunately Roanen doesn't like to sit on the seat and arches his back with a "What the hell are you doing to me?" look on his face every time we go to put him on. Maybe a potty will help. I'm really tired of diapers and wet pants.

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