Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Must Type Quickly...

The boys are behaving and Tristan is sleeping (on his own - yay!) so I'll quickly post about the latest. On Wednesday I went in for an ultrasound to see what was going on in Uterus Land. After the regular ultrasound, the tech informed me that she was going to do something called a "trans-vaginal ultrasound". Are you kidding me?? Are you aware that I had a baby less than a week ago and I have STITCHES? That I am BLEEDING and don't WANT anything even remotely close to that particular area? Anyway, apparently in order to get a good look at the walls of the uterus this has to be done. The worst part was the stretching against the stitches, but overall it wasn't quite as bad as I thought it was, although I did leave the place in a cold sweat. My doctor was waiting in the waiting room and immediately went in for the results, which the tech wouldn't tell me other than "It doesn't look as it should". Wow, thanks. So long story short, there was definitely a piece of placenta still in there and I was booked for a D&C the next morning. We had to arrive at 7 AM, so I was thrilled to wake up at 6:38 and frantically rush around without being able to feed Tristan. Fortunately he slept right through the whole thing in his car seat and even stayed asleep for a while afterwards. Thank God for jaundice - hee hee. The procedure itself went well apparently - I was totally knocked out by the amazing invention that is general anesthesia ("Ok Lindsay, you're going to feel a bit drowsy...not too much" "Oh ok, I feel it a little....whoa, now I'm in recovery. Cool.") They got more than 1/2 a cup of tissue out, which is quite a bit, and I bled a little more than I should have, so I had to stay until 1:30. It was pretty painless, and I would definitely take a D&C over bleeding for 6 weeks anytime. Are we all totally disgusted yet?

The boys have been back with us since Friday, and it was really stressful at first. Josey's behaviour was unbelievably bad for the first few days, and he tends to get Roanen into the act too. The past couple of days have been easier, and I'm feeling more comfortable with having to do it all myself (not that I've had to yet). Tristan is still being pretty laid back, although his eating and sleeping patterns are erratic. He tends to not eat very long, then pass out right away which I'm trying to avoid. When he does follow a routine he sleeps much better and has even fallen asleep on his own in the crib or bassinette a couple of times. He doesn't need to be held when he's awake and alert, which helps a lot when I'm trying to get things done. Hopefully when the jaundice fully clears his system and he has longer awake times things will regulate. He spends about half the night in our bed, but also will sleep in the bassinette if he's in the right mood for it. His favourite place though is in the crib downstairs in the evening, where he'll usually sleep for a good 2 1/2 to 3 hours with us talking and the tv on. So much for "respectfully" keeping him in a quiet room when he's sleeping.

So that's the exciting news. Tristan is up now and the boys are going to start going nuts if I don't give them breakfast, so I'm off to be a good mommy.

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