Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ok, Anytime Now...

I just went to the chiropractor for an adjustment, so everything is properly aligned and the baby can come out now. Just as a teaser I've actually gotten quite a few contractions in the last little while, but I'm not holding my breath. I'm achy and sore again, plus I've been sick to my stomach since last night so I'm totally done with pregnancy again. Bring on sweet epidural-free labour.

A couple of nights ago I was in our bedroom upstairs while Russ read the boys their bedtime stories. Roanen has gotten quite annoying lately while he's listening to Josey's stories, constantly asking "What's that?" and commenting on the pictures. Russ told him to stop talking a few times, then while he continued reading I heard a little voice say "One...two...three...four...five...six". I wasn't sure who it was since Roanen's voice is exactly like Josey's when he's clear, and when I asked Russ if Josey had just counted out loud he said no. Roanen then repeated the numbers, adding "Nine...Ten!" at the end. He's definitely a genius. Or just really good at mimicking Josey, who counts out loud all the time. Who needs seven and eight anyway?

I don't know if I posted this earlier (and am too lazy to look back through the blog to find out), but as an attempted solution to Josey peeing himself we've been giving him a quarter every morning to put in his bank. If he stays dry he's allowed to keep the quarter, but if he pees himself he has to give the quarter back, plus one more as a penalty. It's been working pretty well and he's earned enough to buy a couple of Hot Wheels Cars, some Smarties, and last week he used his money to buy Annabelle some cat treats. Oh, and he also gets a loonie every day that he doesn't get a time-out, which we thought we'd never had to pay out, but he succeeded 3 times last week. Eventually when he's staying dry all the time we'll give him some chores and he can earn the money that way. The novelty may be wearing off though. Yesterday morning we were getting ready to go to the cottage and Josey was watching a show on the evil tv while I got stuff together. I was in the playroom when I heard him go into the kitchen and say "I'm peeing on my hand and on the floor!" I walked in to see him hanging out of his pants and standing in a huge puddle of pee. I was seriously annoyed because when he watches tv he doesn't want to miss anything and often ends up peeing himself, so we'll have to cut our kids show watching down from less than an hour a week to NONE if he can't tear himself away long enough to go to the bathroom. After that he peed himself twice more yesterday so needless to say he didn't get his quarter. Or post-bath playtime with Daddy. Like he cares about any of that.

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