Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Week Later...And NOTHING!

Here I am, a week after my last blog, and still sitting here knocked up. I am getting quite a few contractions today though, but nothing even worth timing or calling Russ about. After I didn't go into labour over the weekend like I thought I would I got pretty resigned to the fact that it hasn't happened yet. It helped that the boys were in Ottawa for a couple of days so I wasn't too sore and desperate for it to come out. Although I'm not going to complain if it happens now, apparently the maternity ward at the hospital is full so I don't mind waiting until it quiets down. When Josey was born I was stuck in a room at the other side of the hospital while he was under the UV lights so it was kind of a pain to have him so far away. Also, we lost a couple of the clips for the infant seat so it would be best to find those before needing to bring a baby home... That's why the baby's not coming. It knows we're not ready. Right?


Lara said...

This baby just doesn't want to share a bday with its cousin so it's waiting and won't be born tomorrow ;)

Some kind of Wondermom said...

Congrats Lindsay!! Just heard the news!!