Thursday, June 21, 2007

Another Contest, and Some Not-So Negative Parts of the Trip

I found another contest on Mums The Wurd where you can win a really cute tank top from Jasper Hearts Wren. It's light blue with a little bird on it, pretty girly, but of course I'd stick it on boy #3. ;)
And I guess I was pretty negative in that last post about the trip. Overall it was good with some highlights: (yes, here comes another list from the list queen)

1) We stopped at the Bass Pro Shop in Vaughan, which happens to be attached to the hugest mall I've ever seen (no I don't get out much). There I discovered things previously unknown to me, like there's such a thing as Ben & Jerry's ice cream stands. Naturally we had just told the boys that they could have grapes and cherries for dessert after lunch (cue ominous music) so I wasn't allowed to get an ice cream cone for myself, even though the baby needed it. Someday I will return and indulge.
2) Josey got to play in the pool at the hotel and is getting to be a really good swimmer (in his life jacket). He was even jumping in off the steps, and screaming with joy while studiously ignoring the cranky 900 year old women who sarcastically told Russ "So cute. He thinks he's the only one in the pool. You should teach him (something inaudible)".
3) Josey stayed dry the the entire time we were away, even going to the bathroom by himself without asking. He also took great pleasure in peeing in a bottle while in the van at the African Lion Safari and twice on the 401.
4) Both boys actually napped in the car while we took a second drive through the game reserve at the park. We purposely went through again, hoping they would fall asleep and they both did within 5 minutes of getting into the van.
5) We got to overhear an extremely interesting conversation in Pizza Hut between a woman and her 17-ish year old son and his 17-ish year old girlfriend. The woman had just been told that son and girlfriend were expecting a baby. She was very supportive, although she didn't really think it was a good time for this to be happening. One of her jewels of advice was "The first three months are incredibly hard. They get screaming and you can't figure out why and you just want them to fucking shut up!". I wish those kids had been around 20 minutes later when grape/cherry poop incident happened. That might have put a damper on their happy family plans.
6) Overall the kids were really good in the car, considering we did about 16 hours of driving over the course of 3 days.

Can you tell the kids are napping? I'm also procrastinating checking my bank balance so I can pay my credit card bills. But we needed that vacation, right?

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