Monday, June 25, 2007

Contest Addiction

Despite all the craziness with the bedroom merger/naptime situation today, naturally I still found time to enter a few contests :)
Mums The Wurd is giving away 4 BusyBodyBook organizers. Of course I need one so I can become even more anal than usual.
Sophistishe.Org also has a great contest for a $50 gift certificate to Kangaroodle, which carries a ton of stuff that I need, including some really nice diaper bags and shopping cart covers (which I keep saying I'm going to make myself, but in reality I'll just end up buying one...or continuing to obsessively antibacterial-wips every inch of shopping carts).
I'd post more, but the aforementioned craziness led to ridiculously short naps so I'm in demand again.

1 comment:

Vicky said...

I have been entering tons of contests too... I have yet to win anything though! Lara mentioned you won something recently? What was it?