Saturday, June 30, 2007

Death 101 - Postponed (For Now...)

On Thursday afternoon while we were playing outside, Josey excitedly informed me that there was a snake under the van. I meandered over to check it out because, although there are a ton of them around our property, I think they're pretty cool, and I like the fact that the boys are so interested in them and want to encourage them not to be scared of stuff some people consider creepy. It was a little grass snake, all curled up lying in the dirt. I thought that it was pretty weird that it was just lying there instead of bolting like they usually do, then when Josey touched it and straightened it out I realized it was injured, probably by one of the cats. It could move the first inch and a half or so of itself, but not the rest of it so it couldn't get away. We got a shoebox and put some grass in it, then Josey picked it up and put it in (after carrying it around and talking to it for a while). It drank a little water that we gave it, and I Googled snakes to see if there was anything we could give it to eat. I figured that there was really nothing we could do for it and that it would probably die anyway, but Josey was so happy to have it and proud of himself that he "saved" it from the cats or another animal that I played along. I also though that it would be a good introduction to death when it finally made its way up to snake heaven.
Surprisingly enough, the next morning it looked like it might have actually eaten a couple pieces of earthworm that we gave it, and he had a little more mobility in the rest of his body. Today he's pretty much the same, but we're all hoping that he just needed a little care so he could heal. I'll keep you updated on our new temporary pet "Snakey" (named oh-so-originally by the child who has randomly decided that the new baby is going to be named Bobby or Sarah, names that he has never heard).

Adventures in Babywearing is holding another contest for a Moby Wrap from Supermomz and I'm determined to win a wrap before this baby is born! She also had some really cool clip-on lights from Supermomz shown that I would love to get for oh, about a million different purposes.

Yesterday after Roanen's extra-long uninterrupted nap *sigh of relief* he sat on the potty for quite a while and actually peed! I was really excited, but I don't think he really knew what was going on. He did like the jellybeans I gave him for it, but I think it was just a fluke. I'll keep trying, if only to get him used to the idea of sitting on it. I'd really like to start seriously training him around now, but I don't know how that will work out with the baby coming so soon. At least I can take some steps to get him started and we can play it by ear from there.

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