Saturday, June 30, 2007

Keep Your Damn Sick Kids Away From My Babies

I forgot to mention in the last post that the reason Roanen slept so long during his nap was, as I soon found out, that he has developed a cold. He was sneezing a lot last night, and was more tired than usual and therefore cranky, then he kept waking up all night with a stuffy nose. He ended up in our bed, restless and waking up every hour or so whining and crying. This makes me think of an interesting story about Toybus this week:

Wednesday morning was the last Toybus before summer break (why they take a summer break is beyond me because God knows I particularly need to take my kids to a fun, controlled, air-conditioned place during the summer). I noticed right away that one of the regulars, a little guy who is several months younger than Josey, was sneezing and snotting all over the place. Lovely. Then one of the little girls said "Mommy said she hoped *insert Little Snotty Guy's mom's name here* wouldn't be here today because her kids have pinkeye". Uh, excuse me? I went over to her mom to check out the story and apparently the kids HAD pinkeye, but she didn't know how long ago it was. Then, speak of the devil, Little Snotty Guy's mom came over and, when asked about it, told us that her three older kids had it a little while ago. And Little Snotty Guy? She was hoping that he wouldn't get it (zoom into Little Snotty Guys' really red eyes). And boy, was that dirt road at her house dusty today and he must have suddenly inherited her allergies, you know, with all that snotty sneeziness. Sounded a little sketchy, if you ask me. And, lo and behold, here we are three days later (the perfect incubation period for a common cold) and Roanen is sick. Now I'm royally ticked off about it because I keep my kids at home if they've got runny noses, even if I know they're no longer contagious. Why? Because it's just respectful to do so and I don't want the other moms to be talking trash about me like I now am about Little Snotty Guy's mom. So leave your sick kids at home, or else come over and comfort my Little Snotty Guy 30 times a night when he can't breathe through his nose.


Karly said...

AMEN! ;)

Summer said...

I totally agree! It is totally disrespectful to other moms.