Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Love The Cows! No! Hate The Cows!

Roanen has developed a love/hate relationship with the cows across the road. He talks about them frequently, and always looks out the windows or into the field to see if they're there, but has now decided that he doesn't like to hear them moo loudly. Normal mooing is ok if we're outside, but if one moos particularly loudly, he will come running over to me, very upset. Now when we're trying to put him to bed, if his window is open and he hears any kind of mooing he starts to cry and says "Mommy/Daddy! Cows! Bad!" until we close the window (leading to many hot stuffy nights in his room). Not sure exactly what the cause of this is, as noises usually don't scare him.
Adventure in Babywearing is running another contest, this time for a $75 gift certificate to Mama Kanga. I loved the wrap I got for Roanen, so if I win I may get a wider one (for some reason mine was really narrow), or a mei tai. They also have really cool leg coverings called BabyLegs, which are exactly what I was thinking I needed in the winter when I wanted something extra to put on Roanen's legs. I was going to invent them, but apparently someone beat me to it... ;) Wish me luck!
Oh, and I had another routine prenatal appointment yesterday where they gave me my form to get my glucose test done (boo to having to sit in the waiting room for an hour, yay to getting to drink something that tastes exactly like orange crush - which I don't usually allow myself - even though I can't enjoy it when I have to chug it all in less than 3 minutes) and they also booked another ultrasound at 29 weeks. Apparently at the last ultrasound they saw something that could have been some kind of extra lobe of my placenta. If there actually is one, the doctor has to make sure he gets it all after I deliver or else I could hemorrhage. Alternately it could have just been a Braxton Hicks contraction (of which I have been getting many) that caused it to look like that. We'll find out for sure on the 12th, and no, we are not going to find out the sex this time either. You will all just have to wait and be surprised.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Thanks for entering! MamaKanga's wraps are great! I bet you'd love them!


Lara said...

I thought you were going to find out if you went back. You want to know!! I know it ;)

Nat said...

Hi Lindsay! Nat here.
I just wanted to let you know that I bought a Moby Wrap for Olivia and I totally love it.