Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Even Better!

Yesterday I put Roanen down for a nap using the new technique, and he slept for almost 2 hours! I was a little nervous about how this sleep training would go after reading an article in Today's Parent about wakeful kids for whom sleep training just doesn't work. I was particularly bothered by the story of a woman whose baby was finally night weaned, but still woke up regularly needed his mom to come in and pat his back to help him back to sleep. I decided that this was the trick Roanen was going to pull on me - "haha you took away the boob so I'm going to take away your sleep!". Last night I tried putting him down early-ish, around 7:15, and he was restless, falling asleep once then waking up 3 minutes later. He finally fell asleep for good at 7:50, then slept until 11:05. It took me 8 minutes to get him back down, then he slept until 4:45! Of course throughout this whole thing Russ came to bed, waking me up, then Josey woke up calling me, then Josey woke up again crying and calling Russ, then came into our bed and talked and bugged for 20 minutes. But Roanen slept! Anyway, that last time Roanen woke up he was really upset and couldn't fall asleep, and it took be a good 45 minutes to realize that he had a poopy diaper so I had to turn on the light and wake him up more by changing him. He finally fell back to sleep just after 6 and slept for about another 40 minutes. He was in a pretty good mood when he woke up though, so he must have gotten enough sleep. Hopes are still high!
Oh, and here's the link to a video of Roanen walking:

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Lida said...

I am officially commenting on your blog. Someday you will get enough sleep and wonder how you did this. Your third child will be a good sleeper (my official prediction) and hopefully not have another habit that's even worse so it makes you wish they didn't sleep instead. Love Drannie