Thursday, February 22, 2007

It's Just Because He's Sick - Really!

Quick summary of last night:
Took 15 minutes to fall asleep at 8:20, woke up at 10:38 and 1:04 taking less than 8 minutes to go back to sleep each time, then woke at 3:57 and was up for an hour. He would lie down and close his eyes, then suddenly sit up just when I thought he was really asleep. When he finally did go down, he slept just under 2 hours. So not a great night, but the cough medicine I gave him before bed didn't work and he was stuffed up and hacking all night, so I blame that. I don't have any other kind of medicine to try him on tonight so I expect it to be just as rough. Josey also got up 3 times in the night, which is getting annoying considering there's a possibility that Roanen may start sleeping through soon.

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