Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Roanen's Checkup

Roanen had his one year doctor's appointment yesterday, complete with shots. He was pretty good with it all, except when the receptionist tried to get his height. He had a freakout fit and wouldn't stay on his back or straighten his leg so we guesstimated. He weighs 22.5 lbs now, which I was surprised at considering the amount of food the kid shovels in. Maybe the walking is burning off more calories. Oh, and the crying probably does too, although that's slowing down a little. We were a little concerned about one of his eyes being lazy sometimes, but the doctor checked his focussing straight ahead and said everything looked to be aligned and that we shouldn't worry, but to keep an eye out for any more problems. He got two shots in his arm, one for the Prevnar (I think - I should probably pay attention more...) and one for the MMR. He did remarkably well getting the MMR since it apparently hurts like hell and even the doctor was surprised at his reaction, which was about 5 seconds of halfhearted crying before being distracted by the garbage can opening. I suppose he can't have extreme reactions to everything, right?

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