Friday, February 09, 2007

Standing Up!

Yesterday I was sitting on the floor in the livingroom with Roanen a few feet away, in the middle of the floor. I was looking down, then I looked up and saw him walking towards me giggling. He really hasn't been walking much since he first started taking a few steps, unless he's really encouraged to walk from one person to another, so it was unusual. Then I noticed that he must have stood up on his own since there was nothing to pull himself up on. Now that we have a rug in the living room, he was able to spread his legs, plant his feet, and walk his hands back until he was standing by himself. He was quite proud of himself and kept doing it all night and walking around. Once he even walked from the middle of the living room to the kitchen and halfway around the island, which is probably about 20+ steps. Josey joined in on the fun too, and pretended that he couldn't walk well, flinging himself on us whenever he got close. Not as fun when a heavy 3 year old does it...

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